Assignment – Malpua Math

Day 1 – One evening, you got Malpua, a new kind of sweet you wanted to try for the first time.

You share the Malpua with other members of your family and you get 2 / 5 of the Malpua. 

All of you like it, and wished you had got more 🙂

Day 2 – The next day, you get 15 Malpuas and you again eat 2 / 5 of the total collection of Malpuas.


  1. Take a page and label it as Day 1. Draw a circle for a Malpua and shade or highlight the part of the Malua that you got.
  2. Take another page and label it as Day 2. Draw the total number of Malpuas and shade or highlight the Malpuas you got to eat. Write down the working of how you calculated it.
  3. Upload the above two pages 🙂