What are Math Rooms?

Tamarind Tree’s Math Room is  where a student does Math entirely on her own using a resource like Khan Academy while being mentored and guided by our Math Lead Chirag.

How does it work?

Student enters the Math Room and is guided to begin doing Math at her appropriate level (Example Math 5 in Khan Academy). She opens another tab and begins doing Math while also being present in the Math Room.
As she progresses, Chirag is present to assist with concept clarification,  engaging activities, problem solving, testing and making sure she is progressing in the right  manner.

Math Rooms happen daily on My Big Campus and there is no fixed end to the learning. The objective is to make the student an independent learner, chartering her own Math Learning.

Sessions:  Ongoing

Launch date: May 10 2021

Recommended for :  9 to 13 years 

Time:  9 am to 10. 30 am

Live class every day

Primary Language: English



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