Tamarind Tree Nutrition Programme

At Tamarind Tree, we prioritize the holistic development of children, including their physical, social, cognitive, emotional, and educational well-being. We provide nutritious breakfast and lunch to children to address the malnourishment challenges prevalent in Dahanu, Palghar District. Our meals are meticulously planned to meet the children’s protein needs, focusing on diversity, freshness, and nutritional value. Our kitchen operates under strict hygiene standards, ensuring meals are prepared with care and affection.

The Tamarind Tree Kitchen serves breakfast and dinner to children and staff, numbering around 125. The menu is diverse, including pulses, millets, grains, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Children are also taught to take the appropriate portions of proteins and carbohydrates, unlike their carb-rich diets at home. Our cuisine isĀ  diverse to include meals from different parts of India as well as some international dishes.

Our dining and kitchen area is the heart of our school, buzzing with laughter, conversation, and camaraderie as children and teachers come together to share meals and build community. The kitchen and dining also become spaces to learn, where children have to read and discuss the menu before entering the dining as well as give their feedback on the food they enjoyed or disliked.

We believe that food fosters relationships, health, and equity, transcending barriers of poverty.

Gather, Feast, Connect: Our Vibrant Community Kitchen and Dining Area

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