About Us

We are a knowledge and technology collective based in Maharashtra. Founded as a public charitable trust, our work is centered around the broad realms of social justice, open knowledge & technology. We work in three main domains — re-appropriating knowledge & technology for and with marginalized communities, transforming elementary education by bringing in Open learning and building a mesh of communication resources for learners.

Free Like Air - A docu-series on what drives our ideas and work in Technology in Education

A decade of work...

Tamarind Tree began using technology with marginalised children in 2010-11. At that time, most educators and academicians were not only sceptical but also opposed to the “extent” of technology on our campus, that too with tribal children. It has been a long journey. 

Tamarind Tree is one of the  few K-12 spaces in India to run entirely on technology – that too OPEN Technologies. Our campus uses open hardware as well as open learning tools and other OERs. 

We adopted Moodle, the worlds’s biggest open LMS for our students in 2015 and are today one of the only schools offering an elementary education driven predominantly on an online platform. 

Our Team shares their Journey on using Moodle