The medium is the message. At Tamarind Tree’s Studio we are building an open and shared communication mesh to transform learning.

While building courses for My Big Campus, it became obvious that there is only a notion that we are living in a time of excessive content. Most of the content available is either proprietary or not contextual and relevant to our learners. Moreover, ownership of the resource of communication is equally critical in our quest towards Open Learning. What better way than to begin creating learning resources ourselves.
The Studio has an exhaustive process of reviewing the learning outcomes as set out by the NCERT, communicated through text books. Post this, the team builds the storyboard, screenplay and characters that offer far more complex and in-depth learning.

The production uses a range of fascinating tools to pack in aesthetic value as well as complexity of concepts. Some of the technologies used by the Studio are – image and video compositing, video scribing, 2D and 3D animation.
Members of the Facilitator team also use video screen capture and similar tools to record a lesson that gets added into My Big Campus.

Check out a few of our productions based on NCERT, Class 6