We believe that technology does not determine the social structure or values of a society. It is the community that has the power to drive technological development in the direction it needs. Rather than feeling dis-empowered or overwhelmed, we believe that communities, particularly those that are marginalized must be active and use the opportunity to steer the development of educational technologies for their benefit. For this, we must use, share, produce, adapt, re-mix, re-tell, collaborate and build on open knowledge and educational resources.

At Tamarind Tree, our model is entirely OPEN – we build, curate, adapt and use only Open Educational Resources (OERs).

The Tamarind Tree Studio is working to creating an open and shared communication mesh to transform learning. The Studio uses a range of fascinating tools to pack in aesthetic value as well as complexity of concepts. Some of the technologies used by the Studio are – image and video compositing, video scribing, 2D and 3D animation.

All of these are released under a Creative Commons License.

Tamarind Tree’s Digital Productions

Based on the NCERT curriculum, our studio has produced videos that are embedded into our Learning Management System.

  • Math Learning