Tamarind Tree is expanding its core team

We are looking for people interested in Open Learning as a philosophy and practice. People must be willing to learn or already be well versed in the world of Open Source technologies. Those with skills in the areas of computer programming, video editing, image & graphics, 2D & 3D animation are encouraged to reach out to us, since the School, Studio and Lab need diverse skills.

Tamarind Tree School


Tamarind Tree is looking for full-time Facilitators to join our endeavour to re-shape the primary education system.

The Tamarind Tree model includes:

As a Facilitator in the school a typical day will include:

You are inclined towards:

Essential skills:

You will greatly help the model if:

Location: Dahanu, Maharashtra/Remote work option can be considered after initial immersion

We are looking for a commitment of one academic year. By working here you will gain:

Remuneration: Commensurate with skills and experience

Virtual/Online Teacher – Mumbai

Tamarind Tree is looking for people who can teach students online using digital tools. A central unit has been started in Mumbai to provide support to young learners across India who are enrolled in our LMS at My Big Campus. The central unit will provide high quality interactive online classes to the learners. The project is starting with 200 students.

The profile of work is:

Skills Required:

This is a full-time position in Mumbai.

Remuneration: Commensurate with skills. Send an email to info@tamarindtree.org with your CV and a small write up about yourself

Tamarind Tree Studio

Content Producer
Creating a mesh of interactive learning videos across grades and courses, Tamarind Tree’s studio is looking for people who:

There is both full time and part-time work in the Studio. Location is not critical.

Tamarind Tree Lab

Linux/FOSS Enthusiast
The laboratory is constantly working on different projects. We are looking for a person with:
• Working knowledge of Debian and its derivatives
• LAMP administration
• Familiarity with open source web application

This is a full-time position in Dahanu.