Check out  Vineet, a volunteer working with Cognizant, Pune who designed and took a six session Science course on Motion and Measurement with students in Class 6-7.

He created an introductory video talking about his course, and build digital content on our Platform. His live session for an hour was engaging. Post his live session, students did quizzes and assignments on our learning platform, My Big Campus. 

Become an Online Teacher

Can anyone take online class?

A desire to communicate with young learners, passion for the topic or subject, openness to learning new tools are some pre-requisites.

How do I manage students ?

You will attend Demo Classes to see how other mentors are managing. We are also aiming to create a learning culture where students are joining our classes out of choice, not compulsion. We treat them as adults and set ground rules for discipline . Coming as a motivated learner, we hope builds a better learning space. 

Where do I begin?

We do not believe in giving ready material to be delivered.  The content for communication must be built by you and expressed with your understanding. This means that you need to know what you want to say as well as how you can present it. Teaching is hard work! 

What digital skills do I need ?

While you can begin your journey with consumer level skills (presentation, basic navigation), we do hope you will use this opportunity to learn new tools and build good content for our LMS. We train volunteers to create quizzes, assignments and videos. These will be used by many more children post your live class, and post COVID.

How do I design my course ?

A course template will be given along with in-depth training and guidance from our pedagogy team. We will support you in the development of a quality course that we can all feel proud of. We want to change how education is done, not repeat what we went through.

How do I become an inspiring online mentor?

By understanding that  online teaching is not at all like being in a physical classroom. You need to think how you can create a style of communication that is engaging. You need to have complexity and depth on the topic or subject of choice, yet humble enough to say you don’t know. Learn all the time. 

How many hours do i need to give ?

This is a question we always get. So Volunteering with us is a lot of time, effort and hard work. A very satisfying experience but one that requires you to think, plan, create and implement. A volunteer taking a 6 session live course (of an hour each), does not spend only the 6 hours live, but a significant amount of time preparing for the 6 hours. We want students inspired, motivated and wanting to come to your class.

Will I get a Certificate?

Yes, if you need one for your college or institution, we are more than happy to provide a certificate or a letter outlining your work here as a Volunteer.