When schools and learning spaces think of introducing digital learning, it is often to the older students, mostly after class eight. Rarely do we see educators think it important to begin learning “digitally” at four years. Moreover, “elearning” is limited to deploying hardware – projectors, tabs and computers and installing ready content. Students end up becoming unthinking consumers of content and digital learning is discredited.

Digital learning requires a serious change in mindset and attitude. Tamarind Tree is working with other learning spaces towards this. Our Learning Lab is now working with young students in the age group of nine to twelve years in Mumbai and Satara, primarily to enhance their learning outcomes in Math and English using open digital tools. The programme will gently expose them to the creative and productive aspects of the digital world and give them basic digital skills.

The programme has two diverse groups – street children in Mumbai with rudimentary levels of literacy and class 3 students in a semi-aided Marathi school in Shirwal, Satara District. A blended learning model is in practise, with students being assisted in a basic Language and Math course with a facilitator on My Big Campus. Open hardware and the Lab’s Treebian are installed.

Mental math practise on open source tools

Our partner organisations are SUPPORT, Mumbai and Pragati Girls High School, Shirwal, Satara.

The project is supported by Asian Paints Limited.