Tamarind Tree has an eclectic mix of people who are facilitating online classes for children pan India. Some of these have been members of our collective for several years, while others are recent volunteers in this lock-down time.


Science LEAd

Sam has been heading the Science team at the Tamarind Tree School for the past 7 years. An architect by profession, a naturalist at heart, his approach to science inspires children to become keen observers of their natural surroundings while also questioning & building their scientific thinking. He is an absolute foodie and in his leisure time loves to dabble in arts, culture, and history. Currently, he is leading the Online Science Courses at My Big Campus


Outreach Lead

Neha has been  teaching a variety of subjects – English, Science, Maths , Computer Coding & experimenting with technology in education. An English literature graduate and having donned the role of a communications consultant thereafter, Neha shifted her gears & became a full time educator. She is keen to deeply understand every cog that turns the wheel of the Indian education system. 


Math Lead

Chirag is a Finance professional with interest in Data Sets, Analysis & Spreadsheets — now turned Teacher, who loves to teach and guide children in Math. According to him, Math is a game that he loves playing, a game that builds logic, discipline, imagination and creativity.

Chirag leads the Online Math courses for children in the age- group of 9 to 14 years


elementary class lead

Leading the Elementary classes at Tamarind Tree school in English and Math, Apeksha has cultivated herself as an online Math teacher. She is an electronics graduate who eventually found her passion with kids. Her six years of working with young children is testament to her perseverance in understanding the developing minds and guiding them to be independent thinkers. Apeksha is an amateur biker who loves exploring natural trails.


marathi lead

Brought up and schooled in Mumbai, she worked with a social organisation managing and administering their day to day work post her marriage. A year back, Swati shifted to Dahanu to explore alternate means of education for her son. Amidst this shift, she found her calling in teaching and currently leads the Marathi courses at Tamarind Tree. Swati’s way of dealing with the Marathi language and her constant innovative endeavour in passing it to the coming generations shows her immense passion towards the subject. 



Nidhi  – a volunteer teacher is the founder of Creative World, a story telling program for children and an early childhood educator. She has worked as a Early Child care trainers and teacher for over fourteen years Currently she is a freelance educator and a professional storyteller and believes that stories are a powerful tool for learning whether for a child, a teacher or an adult. A committed and consistent Volunteer, Nidhi does wonders with young kids.


Volunteer- digital media courses

Sourav started his career in Kolkata as a special teacher for kids who failed in subjects like English and Maths in Bengali medium schools. Later he grew fascinated with photography and film making. This brought him to Mumbai in 2011. Till now he has worked for television, advertising, web series and collaborated with multiple individuals as a writer, director and assistant. Currently,  he is working on his documentary film series project on alternative education & lifestyle called Project Nomad. Sourav takes skill and concept driven class on Digital Media. 


Volunteer - Financial Literacy courses

Neelesh is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of experience working in the regulatory compliance area in foreign & private sectors banks/non banking finance company.  He is fond of teaching and his interest lies in understanding the economy, financial markets and the inter-linkages.  He is a fitness enthusiast and loves distance running and yoga.  He loves the outdoors and has also done a few high altitude treks. He is currently leading our Money Matters Course for 12 to 16 year olds


Volunteer - MATH COURSES

Kaustav is an investor working at a leading Indian investment fund. An economics major from University of California, he enjoys stimulating conversations and is keen to promote good quality education to every single citizen. He believes the one biggest issue the country faces is the shortage of “quality” institutions and teachers. He would like to do everything in his capability to contribute in the quest of providing quality education to everyone. He enjoys playing golf, guitar and listening to music in his free time


Volunteer- Math

Smiti is a college student pursuing a major in marketing with an economics minor. She loves to interact with people, no matter what their age or background, and know their story. Smiti has an inborn love for teaching, be it helping out her peers, teaching her younger neighbours Math or just teaching the kids in the building how to ride a cycle! She loves the thrill of being able to teach someone something new.


Volunteer- Math Content

Bhakti is an aspiring aerospace engineer passionate about space, science, fitness and clean energy. She loves going for hikes up hills or long walks. She’s a space nerd with an interest in astrophysics. She’s also fascinated with rockets and space exploration.


Volunteer- MArathi

Leena has co-founded an NGO Sevasadhana Pratishthan. For the last ten years she is actively engaged in guiding people to live in harmony with nature. Leena regularly interacts with kids through camps & takes pleasure in spending time with them. Her love for reading and joy of interacting with kids brought her to volunteering with Tamarind Tree. An engineer by education, one day she dreams of living in the hinterland of India, continuing with her work around all things natural.


Volunteer- science Content

Aashni is an undergraduate at Wesleyan University. She is majoring in Biology and Environmental Science and minoring in Data Analysis. She is passionate about marine science, conservation, and scuba diving. If not on a football field or squash court, you can find her at a piano, playing with her dog or watching a Disney movie.


Volunteer- Science

Deeksha is pursuing her bachelor in medicine from a Bangalore based college. She has an evident affinity towards Science and Math, the logic, reasoning, curiosity and imagination that comes with them leaves her fascinated. Apart from her college studies, she loves to delve into art, craft, cooking, dancing and growing plants in her terrace garden.



Volunteer- Science

Vineet is an IT professional, who loves to deconstruct challenging tasks into small doable activities. His approach towards teaching is the same. He breaks down complex ideas into simple, everyday analogies for quick understanding.
He volunteers with various organizations working in the field of education for children in need. He truly believes that learning never stops, which is why he keeps looking for new ways to make his sessions engaging. He teaches Science with Tamarind Tree


Volunteer- Math

Shimoni is a Chartered Accountant working in the Audit and Assurance domain. When she is not required to pore over financial statements, she absolutely loves to read, exercise, travel and spend time in nature. She is also passionate about the causes of education, environment and public-sector transparency. Her desire to contribute to the cause of education during the difficult times of lockdown was what attracted her to the Tamarind Tree’s digital platform.


Volunteer- English

Kalyani is a management student who constantly wants to learn and improve. Being a person who cherishes values like enthusiasm, goodness and forgiveness, no wonder she likes the company of children, who exude similar energy. From reading a broad range of subjects, writing for various platforms, to admiring various outdoor activities- Kalyani loves everything that sparks an interest in her.


Volunteer- English

Anushka is the newest entrant to the The Tamarind Tree family. A psychology and philosophy graduate, Anushka has decided to step foot in the world of education. She believes that providing an enriching education to all is what will truly make a better nation and eventually a better world. She is currently teaching our seventh graders English and claims to love every minute of it. She also loves travelling, eating all things cheese and is admittedly obsessed with dogs!


Volunteer- English

Nily has been a working professional & consultant for over 20 years with IT & Investment Banking firms. She specializes in Corporate Communications & Design. She comes with a Masters in Computer Management and a PG Diploma in Advertising and PR. She loves to travel She has a penchant for outdoors and has tried various extreme adventure sports. She loves singing and has a diploma in Hindustani semi classical music. The reach of free open online education to under privileged kids attracted her to Tamarind Tree.


Volunteer- English

Rachel is currently pursuing Educational Psychology at Christ University, Bangalore. She loves to read literature. She enjoys interacting and getting to know people (adults and children alike). Eventually she would like to work in an educational institution and contribute towards bettering learning experiences.


Volunteer- Language & EVS

Nandini has done her Montessori training from Modern Montessori International TTC and worked for Modern Montessori International School as a pre-nursery Teacher.  She has also completed her Pg Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education from Amity Center for Educational Research and Training. Child Education is her passion.  She feels that the role of a teacher is to facilitate and guide the child towards curiosity and exploration. She enjoys using art, craft, music and movement as tools for teaching and feel that they aid in the all round development and learning process.


Volunteer- Science

As a second-year Zoology student at the University of Queensland, Australia, animals and the environment are extremely close to Isha’s heart. Though Indian by birth, she has been brought up in Tokyo, Japan, and is fluent in English and Marathi, and intermediate in Japanese. Before she joined our team, she was an active volunteer at two NGOs in Japan and has always loved helping out and interacting with individuals of different ages from diverse backgrounds. Apart from volunteering she also enjoys playing guitar.


Volunteer- Math

Arnav is a student of class 11 at Shiv Nadar School, Noida. He loves math as a subject and teaching as well because of which he chose to volunteer at Tamarind Tree. He is very interested in computer science and loves learning new things.


Volunteer- Math

An undergraduate student at RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru pursuing his Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering. He loves listening to music and playing cricket.

Currently teaching Math to 9th Graders. 


Volunteer- Science

She is from Rupnagar, Punjab. She has done her Bachelors in Chemical Engineering and graduated in 2018. She has work experience of 1.5 years in pharmaceuticals-life sciences. Currently she is fully engaged in various volunteering endeavors. She really likes volunteering as it is one of the most soul-fulfilling tasks. She also loves reading, learning about geopolitics, history, technology, 


Volunteer- Digital Literacy

Vibhore is a PhD student in Information Science at Cornell University. He is designing a web literacies course to help all users become more critically informed and engaged web contributors. He is also actively involved with grassroots organizations that are working on education for marginalized communities. In past life, he has worked as an embedded systems engineer at Texas Instrument


Volunteer - Financial Literacy

Netanya is a Chartered Accountant and works as an ESG analyst in the field of Responsible Investment. She’s passionate about children’s education and teaches Economics at Tamarind Tree. Netanya loves music and has been playing the piano since the age of 9. She’s also an avid reader.