The Tamarind Tree Lab extends the ideas and practises beyond the boundaries of the campus, to build a wider community of Open Learning.

The Lab’s journey began in 2010 when it experimented with using a few open digital tools for the school. At the time, most people expressed disbelief and even resistance to the use of digital tools to teach young students, particularly coming from marginalised background. Moreover last mile connectivity were still serious issues.

The Lab worked around infrastructure issues to set up a learning space entirely driven on open source technologies, both hardware and software. The school runs on Single Board Computers (Raspberry Pis) with the the school’s customised operating system, Treebian.

The Lab is working to put many of the ideas into the public domain. Currently we are:

  1. Installing Treebian in Pre Primary and Primary schools to build digitisation into the core learning.
  2. Customising and facilitating online courses in Digital Literacy and English Communication, through My Big Campus.
  3. Setting up e-libraries in learning centres

The Lab shares its ideas:
Breaking barriers: Challenges of using moodle at an elementary level

One School One Server Imagining Open, Relevent and Decentralised LMS for every student