Help with Outreach

how can i help ?

Tamarind Tree wants to reach out to many more, deserving children who because of the digital divide have been denied  access to high quality learning.  We want to offer our courses and classes to needy spaces, schools, vocational centres and bring their learners on board My Big Campus. 

Do i have to approach other organisations?

Based on your comfort and understanding of the sector, we can decide this mutually. 

What do i need to do?

You need to work to identify  learners as well as deserving institutions  that we can collaborate with. You then need to reach out to them and understand their learning needs and requirements. 

How many hours a week will i need?

Three to four hours a week should be good. This for at least a month to yield any results. 

What skills and background should i have?

Communication skills is the key to outreach work. An understanding of social justice and educational challenges faced by first generation learners will he helpful. 

how much do i need to understand the programme before i do outreach?

A good analysis and understanding will help you reach out the correct people. Some time has to be spent in understanding our work and mission.