Create Content


Our Learning Platform is feature rich with interactive videos, quizzes, simulations, assignments and more. You could help a course creator  build these digital activities, to supplement their live class. 

How many hours will it take?

As a content creator you need to have topic clarity and an imagination to look at the subject in an innovative way.  Then the production becomes faster, since you are only looking for tools (images, audio, video). A quiz can be created in half an hour, while a video could take days. 

How do I create content ?

Our pedagogy team will orient you to the course and topic under production. A clear outline will be given of what content is to be developed based on this. You will be exposed to the tools and then your on your own in terms of creating it. There are also plenty of web tutorials since we use the globally popular Moodle LMS.  

Who owns the content created?

All of Tamarind Tree’s work is in the public domain. We produce and release content under the Creative Commons ( CC-BY) license  so that it is freely available to all to adapt and revise. We also only use Open Educational Resources (OER’s) while creating content. You will be oriented into these practises. 

Whats skills do I need ?

A richer set of digital skills (imaging, audio, video, etc) is desirable though not compulsory. However absolute comfort and joy 🙂 being online is a pre-requisite to becoming a content creator. Think of yourself as and educational DJ – learning to use ready resources, mixing them with stuff created by you to have a new piece of work. 

Where is it published and how is it used?

All our content is currently embedded into our Open Learning Platform – My Big Campus. Videos are released on different video platforms (vimeo, youtube) and we also release as much content as possible into the OER world. 


I have been creating content for the Science courses offered by Tamarind Tree and it has been a very rewarding experience. I have learnt to use new software and learning tools, engage myself creatively and collaborate with some amazing people. This experience has opened my eyes to the hard work, skill, and expertise required to be a teacher, let alone one who has to adjust to the new format of teaching virtually due to COVID. Though I would have loved to meet the children who are enrolled in these courses, I feel hopeful about this opportunity and their motivation to use these resources to continue their education in these hard times. I look forward to creating more content and supporting the conviction that education is a right, not a privilege. 

Aashni Parikh

Content Creator - Science