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Estimates are numbers close to the actual number or quantity, like a Guess!! From checking the totals of grocery bills or movie tickets to splitting the cost of lunch between friends or the time you would take to reach your destination…Estimates serve the purpose & make all of this easy & fast. We can quickly arrive at reasonable Estimates of Weight, Distance, Volume, Time, Cost, Earnings etc. Let’s understand Estimates, how to arrive at them & how they help us in everyday life. Let’s get skilled @ Estimation.

Who should take this Course?

This course is suitable for any student or learner wanting to build a fundamental understanding about Estimation and how to use it in day to day life.

What is in this course?

The course intends to be a fundamental introduction to Estimation taking a practical and contextual approach. In the videos, concepts have been established in the context of real life scenarios and are further supplemented with Quizzes containing practical questions that facilitate recall & concept application and strengthen problem solving ability.

Course Requirements:

  • The Learner must have basic knowledge of Place Value
  • The Learner must know the basic arithmetic operations
  • The Learner must have an open mind and enthusiasm to learn

What you will Learn:

  • What are Estimates and how they serve the purpose in real life situations
  • Reasonability of Estimates depending on the situation at hand
  • Rounding Numbers to the nearest Place Values
  • Arriving at different estimates depending on how close an estimate is expected to be
  • Estimating various practical Addition Scenarios
  • Estimating various practical Multiplication Scenarios

Happy Learning !!