Course Information

Who should take this Course?

Any student or learner wanting to build an intuitive understanding about Percentages and their use in practical life. This course will help you to work out problems & take decisions in everyday situations involving percentages.

What is in this course?

The course from the outset, takes up practical scenarios to introduce and establish concepts. Methods and strategies emerge organically when one knows what outcome one is to expect from a problem and then uses the fundamental concepts learnt. Once the core concepts are understood, they just have to be applied in problem solving, learning and remembering formulas won’t be needed. Videos have been supplemented with Quizzes that facilitate recall & concept application and strengthen problem solving ability.

Course Requirements:

  • Learner must know all the basic Arithmetic Operations
  • Learner must know the fundamentals of Fractions and Decimals
  • Learner must have an open mind and the enthusiasm to learn

What you will Learn:

  • The Fundamental Idea of what are Percentages
  • How to convert Fractions into Percentages and vice versa
  • How to convert Decimals into Percentages and vice versa
  • Given the Base Amount and a Related Value, find the Percent Rate
  • Given the Base Amount and Percent Rate, find the Related Value
  • Given the Related Value and Percent Rate, find the Base Amount
  • Practical Computations – Profits on Products & Interest on Deposits

Happy Learning !!