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RECOMMENDED FOR 7 to 9 YEAR OLDS. The Early English Course is aimed at the young learner who has just begun Reading, Speaking and Writing in English.  The pre-requisite is that the learner should be proficient at reading small words and a few sentences and comprehending simple conversational English. The course take the learner deeper in the language providing the basic literacy and communication skills.


  • To be able to read a simple text containing less than 5 sentences a page with a total word count of approximately 250 words.
  • To be able to comprehend what is being read and reproduce in various ways – verbally, pictorially, through drama, etc.
  • To listen and engage in daily conversation in English with facilitators and peers.
  • To be able to engage in English audio and video content and understand it with assistance and facilitation
  • To be able to write a short paragraph of simple sentences to express ideas for a picture seen, object, event, story.


At the end of Early English, the learner will be able to

  • Read a simple text or Level 1 book fluently and with ease
  • Comprehend the text and reproduce it verbally in mother tongue or english,
  • Display comprehension through performance in quizzes,
  • Be able to pictorially/digitally or through drama express what is understood
  • Become familiar and understand simple audio and video content with facilitation
  • Be able to speak and express to peers and facilitators her thoughts, feelings and other essentials required to communicate on campus
  • Be able to construct and write simple and short sentences.

Course Structure – Themes

The course is based on the idea that everyone, especially children love to hear a good story. Stories introduce new words and ideas into a learners language. Stories help learners learn about new concepts, new ideas and open up the windows of their imagination.

The course is divided into the following sections. Each section has 1-2 stories (audio, read along, text, video) followed by digital activities, assignments and quizzes.

The Course is a blended learning one, with a facilitator available for mentor-ship and support but the aim is that the learner will be able to interact with the content on her own, slowly going towards becoming a motivated independent learner.


  • Every Section has Quizzes which are autograded and Assignments which need to be manually graded. Quizzes are single attempt with audio.
  • Assignments are online or require a file to be attached.
  • Please upload or attach files as required
  • The Assignments have the score written.