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From Counting Numbers for Wholes we move to Fractions for Parts. How about writing them crisply together? Thus, Decimals are born !! Humans are lazy & thus, we keep developing shorter & shorter ways of writing things. 3 apples & another ½ becomes 3•5 !! Let’s understand Decimals, these special kinds of fractions, as an extension of the way we write numbers that we see around us on price tags, odometers, weighing scales, calculators etc.

Who should take this Course?

This course is suitable for any student or learner wanting to build a fundamental understanding about Decimals. It will help cement the primary concepts relating to Decimals that will lay the base to higher order manipulation & operations with decimals & percentages.

What is in this course?

The course intends to be a fundamental introduction to Decimals taking a visual and conceptual approach. Videos have been supplemented with Quizzes that facilitate recall & concept application and strengthen problem solving ability.

Course Requirements:

  • The Learner must have working knowledge of Fractions. Fundamental concepts relating to Fractions should be fresh in mind
  • The Learner must know the basic arithmetic operations
  • The Learner must have an open mind and enthusiasm to learn

What you will Learn:

  • The fundamental idea of Decimal Numbers as a mix of Wholes & Fractions
  • Decimal Place Value Chart under the Base Ten System
  • Visual understanding of each Position under the Place Value Chart
  • Decimal Notation i.e. How to read & write the Decimal Numeral
  • Expanded Form of a Decimal Number
  • Conversion of Decimals into Fractions
  • Equivalent Representations for the same Decimal Number
  • Visual understanding of regrouping Decimal Fractions
  • Comparing & Ordering of Decimal Numbers
  • Application of Decimals under the Metric System

Happy Learning !!