Soil – Terrific Terra

We live on the soil and we live off it, yet if you think, we know very little about soil.

Welcome to this basic course on Soil.

The aim of the course  is:

  • to discuss soil and its properties.
  • to study the soil profile and different types of soil.
  • to explore the relation between soil type and crop type.
  • to discuss some of the issues related to soil (eg. soil pollution, soil erosion).


At the end of this course you will: 

  • Be able to identify different types of commonly seen soils
  • Be able to discuss the properties of soils
  • Be able to discuss the layers of soil
  • Be able to infer which crops are grown with different types of soil
  • Be able to understand the causes of soil erosion and ways to control it.

There are 3 Assignments and 1 Final Quiz.

The Assignments are for 30 Marks.  The facilitator will manually grade you on these.  The Quiz is auto-graded and needs a 60% score for you to enable completion of the course. You  can attempt it multiple times.


Web Literacies

In this Course, you will:

1 – Understand what is the internet? how it works? who owns it? Internet vs the Web.

2 – Learning web-related concepts: browsers, navigation, pages, sites, servers, address, and search engines.

3 – Understanding how search engines work?

4 – Learning web search skills and applying them.

5 – Learning how to verify credibility of search results, fact checking.

6 – Understanding open vs. closed internet, open source movement.

7 – Understanding privacy and safety on the internet, applying safe internet practices