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Tamarind Tree is offering free and open online courses to children in the age group of 6 to 14 years – guided by but not limited to the curriculum. With our multilingual live classes we hope to keep our vision of a school without walls alive for millions of children, in these difficult times. We are also signing up volunteer teachers to lead classes of their choice.

Tamarind Tree is part of the global Open Education movement that believes that learning is a right, not a privilege. Knowledge must be free, like the air we breathe.

Featured Courses


Cracker Cacophony

RECOMMENDED FOR BOTH ADULTS AND CHILDREN. We've seen a widespread usage of firecrackers - to celebrate Diwali, on marriages, even at the victory celebration of sport events. The displays look stunning and splendid. But are they affecting us in a harmful way? What about other living beings and their perception of firecrackers? Should we encourage the widespread use of crackers or discourage it? Join this course to discuss and gain a scientific, environmental and social perspective on firecrackers.


Everyday Estimates !!

Recommended Age - 11 years & above.
Estimates are numbers close to the actual number or quantity, like a Guess!! From checking the totals of grocery bills or movie tickets to splitting the cost of lunch between friends or the time you would take to reach your destination...Estimates serve the purpose & make all of this easy & fast. We can quickly arrive at reasonable Estimates of Weight, Distance, Volume, Time, Cost, Earnings etc. Let’s understand Estimates, how to arrive at them & how they help us in everyday life. Let’s get skilled @ Estimation.


Decimals around Us !!

Recommended Age - 11 years & above.
From Counting Numbers for Wholes we move to Fractions for Parts. How about writing them crisply together? Thus, Decimals are born !! Humans are lazy & thus, we keep developing shorter & shorter ways of writing things. 3 apples & another ½ becomes 3•5 !! Let's understand Decimals, these special kinds of fractions, as an extension of the way we write numbers that we see around us on price tags, odometers, weighing scales, calculators etc.


Fractions: A Beginning

Recommended Age - 10 years & above.
We begin counting from 1 and then 2, 3, 4 and so on. But things don't always start with 1 whole. We share parts of 1 sandwich or 1 cake. We have to plan parts of our day or even hours. We know the price of 1 litre milk but may need to buy less than a litre. We may travel distances less than 1 kilometer. Try cooking a recipe without using parts of a spoon or a cup !!
Let's dive within instead of moving onward from 1 whole. Let's understand how we build, write & play with equal parts of a whole, known as Fractions.


Early English

RECOMMENDED FOR 7 TO 9 YEAR OLDS. The Early English Course is aimed at the young learner who has just begun Reading, Speaking and Writing in English.  The per-requisite is that the learner should be proficient at reading small words and a few sentences and comprehending simple conversational English. The course take the learner deeper in the language providing the basic literacy and communication skills.


Food and Nutrition

RECOMMENDED FOR ANYONE ABOVE 11 YEARS. Food is the common denominator that binds everyone. Thre's a wide variety of food, all of it deeply bound to our cultural practises. But food also has a function to serve - as a source of nutrition. Understand this diversity of food and it's nutritional value by taking this course.


Soil – Terrific Terra

Soil is the basis of life. Come along on a journey to discover the wonders of soil. In the course you will learn how soil is formed, the types of soil around you, the properties of soil and more.
Recommended for: everyone above 14 years.


Practical Percentages !!

Recommended Age - 12 years & above.
Learn about the fundamental & core concepts relating to Percentages and how we use them in everyday life to compare quantities and take decisions


Web Literacies

RECOMMENDED FOR ANYONE ABOVE 11 YEARS. What is the internet, how does it work, how can i get better search results. Come join us in this course on Web LIteracies to learn about our new digital world and its nuances.


We believe in a School without Walls – where knowledge is shared and collaboratively built.  Walking along with us are people from all spheres of life, committed to sharing their expertise, skills and engaging with learners to ensure that education is a right not a privilege. Our online courses are run by enthusiastic and sincere volunteers, designing content, taking live sessions,  interacting with children and conducting assessments.

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In response to the lock-down, Tamarind Tree launched its Open and Free courses for children on March 25. The response from students, parents and volunteers over the last three months has been overwhelming. 
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Education is a Right not a Privilege

Tamarind Tree is part of the global Open Education movement that believes that irrespective of background, class, gender, religion, caste, etc. every learner is entitled to high quality learning resources. Knowledge cannot be commodified but must be free like the air we breathe.