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Tamarind Tree is offering free and open online courses to children in the age group of 6 to 14 years – guided by but not limited to the curriculum. With our multilingual live classes we hope to keep our vision of a school without walls alive for millions of children, in these difficult times. We are also signing up volunteer teachers to lead classes of their choice.

Tamarind Tree is part of the global Open Education movement that believes that learning is a right, not a privilege. Knowledge must be free, like the air we breathe.


We believe in a School without Walls – where knowledge is shared and collaboratively built.  Walking along with us are people from all spheres of life, committed to sharing their expertise, skills and engaging with learners to ensure that education is a right not a privilege. Our online courses are run by enthusiastic and sincere volunteers, designing content, taking live sessions,  interacting with children and conducting assessments.

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Students and Parents Share...

I found out about Tamarind Tree during the lockdown period. Even though run by volunteers, it has surpassed the classes run by corporate companies. Apart from the quality of the classes, what distinguishes TT from others is the personal attention you receive. And the attention is really genuine. They really care about you. And whenever I wanted to move Agamyan to the next higher level, they were very flexible. As long as the student is capable of learning at a particular level, they let him learn at that level. No arguments. I have got this only from Tamarind Tree. I really appreciate the team behind TT and the valuable resource persons associated with it. I simply cannot imagine how Agamyan could have been productively and passionately engaged during lock-down if not for Tamarind Tree👍

Arul Senthilan​

Father of Agamyan, 10 year old, Chennai

If I'm with my son - he generally shoots 20 questions per hour at me. I keep answering them as per my knowledge and time. Tamarind tree plays a big role in satisfying an ever curious child. More than just reading a text book like a typical school teacher they develop an interest in the child about the subject and then learning is just a formality as student themselves search more information to gain more knowledge. Through the interactive sessions and question answer sessions, with audio visuals the student is ever alert and interested in the topic. Each student is personally attended and all doubts are cleared before proceeding ahead. Post teaching Activities are interesting and not like a textbook home work. The intent to give knowledge is admirable, without expecting any money. The software platform is very user friendly for students of all strata of life. Over all Tamarind Tree and My Big Campus is big boon in keeping students minds fresh in a current situation. Thanks to the ever enthusiastic team of teachers.
Mangesh Govekar
Father of Vyom, 10 years, Chiplun, Maharashtra
Chandrisha has been enjoying the online classes conducted by Tamarind Tree school ever since they started in the month of March~April. After every class she makes it a point to share with us what she learned in the class. She seemed to be really enjoying the classes. When her regular school classes began and their timings clashed with the Tamarind Tree online class, she was upset that she would not be able to attend the Tamarind Tree school's classes. So much so that she ends up wishing she was enrolled in Tamarind Tree school 🙂
Chandrisha gets the quality education that we have always desired. Students are adapting to the change and teachers are also trying to get them interested. Fortunately, she is now able to attend a few of their classes, and is well engaged.

The school has done a very good service by keeping their online classes open for students from all over India.
Dipti Nogaja
Mother of Chandrisha, 8 years, Pune, Maharashtra
It's my proud privilege to write about your online classes. On behalf of me and my daughters Shrenvetha and Shrethijha, would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation regarding the organization of online classes, punctuality, engaging the students wonderfully, selection of the content for reading comprehension etc. Everything is going well. Management of class by Ms. Neha is really fabulous. Coming to the instructors, really we never thought that they are working voluntarily. The commitment, determination, dedication, discipline etc as the instructors is very much appreciable. Coming to the patience of Ms. Neha and other instructors is very admirable. Even the regular teachers never show such patience. Good command over the class. What not! From bottom of my heart, I could say only one thing there are no words to describe your splendid work. Keep going and my heartfelt congratulations. Please accept our deepest thanks.
N. Kavitha
Mother of Shrenvetha & Shrethijha 11 years, Warangal, Telangana

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In response to the lock-down, Tamarind Tree launched its Open and Free courses for children on March 25. The response from students, parents and volunteers over the last three months has been overwhelming. 
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Education is a Right not a Privilege

Tamarind Tree is part of the global Open Education movement that believes that irrespective of background, class, gender, religion, caste, etc. every learner is entitled to high quality learning resources. Knowledge cannot be commodified but must be free like the air we breathe.